License revenue consists of the following sub-headings:

• Trade License

• Road Side Canteens

• Liquor License Forms

Invoicing and Procedures for KMC Licence

  • KMC Licence invoices shall be raised for all registered companies and businesses operating within the Kanifing municipality at the beginning of every financial year;
  • The accounts department shall maintain an ELECTRONIC-REGISTER of all registered companies and businesses with the municipality;
  • License invoices shall be generated from the FinEX accounting system in triplicate copies – the original copy shall be issued to the company or business, the duplicate and triplicate copies shall be retained by the Collectors and accounts departments respectively;
  • The Data Collection Unit shall assess the amount that shall be invoiced to every company or business every year;
  • All printed invoices must be signed by the Licence Manager before they are issued to respective companies and businesses;
  • The Collectors shall deliver the License invoices to any of the physical place of business, the head office, or a branch office of the companies or businesses operating within the Kanifing municipality;
  • The Collectors shall maintain a register of all invoices issued out with the particulars of the invoices such as business name, business address/contact, invoice date, invoice number, invoice amount, date issued etc.;
  • The Collectors shall evidence the receipt of invoices by companies or businesses either through the receivers’ official stamps or the signature of any of its authorised personnel indicating date of receipt on the duplicate copy of the invoice retained by the collectors;
  • The generated and issued License invoices shall be posted into the FinEX accounting system by the Accountant, and the licence revenue shall be recognised on accrual basis;
  • The License manager shall reconcile the master invoice registers with individual collectors files’ on a monthly basis to ensure that all invoices issued are properly accounted for by the Collectors concerned.

Payment Receipt for KMC Licences

  • Payment for KMC Licence invoices shall be made by registered companies and business within 7 days of issuance or receipt of such invoice;
  • Payments shall be made by any of fund transfer, direct credit, or direct deposit to a designated KMC bank account or by payment in cash/cheque to the Cashier at the KMC office;
  • All payments involving physical Cash shall be made directly to the Cashier at KMC office;
  • The Collectors may collect physical cash from petty and general traders;
  • Except where payment is made to the Cashier at KMC office, payers shall present evidence of payment such as telex copies, deposit slips, or credit advices to the Collectors or KMC’s Cashiers before being receipted;
  • The Cashier or Collectors can temporarily issue GTR receipts to payers pending the printing of official Receipts from FinEX accounting system;
  • The accounts department shall generate printed Receipts from FinEX accounting system for all payments evidenced by physical cash, telex copies, credit advices or deposit slips etc.;
  • The Collectors shall distribute official payment Receipts generated from FinEX accounting system to all paying companies and businesses.