Technical services

Works and infrastructural development within the Municipality is being coordinated by the Department of Planning and Development and is charged with the responsibility of providing plans and building control services for the Municipality. Over the last ten years, the Department has been handling the council’s infrastructure development works such as development of car parks, markets, community centers, roads, and schools. The planning and construction section helps in the preparation of building plans, enforces building control regulations and supervises the council’s construction works.

For the construction of roads and drains, with the establishment of the National Roads Authority (NRA), this aspect rests with the Authority. Most of the access roads within the municipality are in bad condition, this hampers the provision of social services such as waste collection and disposal. The Authority carries out periodic maintenance exercise where they grade and back-filled some major and secondary roads within the Municipality. During the maintenance exercise, they also dislodged the drains on the roads. The road rehabilitation work however is not very effective as potholes emerged as soon as the rains commenced and the roads became muddy and almost impassable.