Sulayman Jammeh

Personal History

Name: Sulayman Jammeh

Ward: Bundung Six Junction/ Mauritani

Date of birth: 21st May, 1978

Place of birth: Bundung Ka Kunda

Nationality: Gambian

Marital Status: Married


Community Work

I have been actively involved in uplifting and improving the livelihood of the people, particularly women in many communities around the country especially women of Bundung. This I was able to do through my connections with institutions such as Musical friends of The Gambia, Netherlands, Girlfriend to Girlfriend International, Denmark where I am serving as ambassador, Studio 2080 as country rep, Taiba Charity Centre, where I serve as the Public Relations Officer, Improving women and adolescence Reproductive Health, where I am a Board member, Taku Leegaye Skill Centre where I am the Board Chairman and the Gambia Empowered Persons with Physical Challenges Organization where I serve as an adviser.

Goals and Aspirations

  1. To work on improving the environmental sanitation situation of Bundung Six Junction/ Mauritani Ward
  2. Construction of some feeder roads within Bundung Six Junction
  3. Improving women livelihood through Microfinance and skill training
  4. Supply of Portable water to my Community