Musa Cham

Personal History

Name: Musa Cham

Ward: London Corner

Date of birth:

Place of birth: Serrekunda London Corner

Nationality: Gambian

Marital Status: Married

Sex: Male

Community Work

Born and raised in Serrekunda London Corner, a community known for its diverse culture, religious tolerance and the spirit of good neighbourliness and peaceful co-existence, I was inspired to be a Social Worker. Over the years, the spirit of Social work led me to serve as Public Relation Officer for the London Corner Charity Foundation. Prior to being elected as Councilor, I founded an Association called Foundation for Change where I served as its first President.

Goals and Aspirations

  1. Waste Management
  2. Youth and Women Empowerment
  3. Sports and Culture
  4. Entrepreneurship
  5. Ward Twinning
  6. Disabled Persons
  7. Disaster mitigation
  8. Education (All inclusive)