Office of the Lord Mayor

This is the highest office of the Council charged with the responsibility of governance, legislation and policy formulation. The Lord Mayor is the political head of the council and is elected by universal adult suffrage to serve the municipality for a period of four years. The mayor can be elected to serve two terms in the office.  The mayor is assisted by the Deputy Lord Mayor. The Mayor is the chairman of the General Council and his council includes the 19 elected councillors’ form the 19 respective wards within the Municipality. The Chief Executive Officer is an ex officio member of the Council and he heads the Administration. Other members of the council include the six nominated Councillors representing youths, women, Alkalolu, Civil Society, business community and the Council of Elders nominated by the Lord Mayor through the powers vested on him by the Local Government Act 2002) and Clerk to Council. It is responsible for legislation and policy evolution for the Council. This includes enacting bye laws, establishing committees for key sectoral/thematic areas such as Foreign Relations, Finance, Establishment, Planning and Development, Health and Environment, Markets, Trade and Tourism.

While the governance function of the Council is executed through the Office of the Lord Mayor, Deputy Lord Mayor, Councillors, Ward and Village Development Committees and Alkalous, the administration function is executed by the Office of the CEO with assistance from the Department of Administration and other departments including Finance, Planning & Development and Municipal Police.

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