Karim Darboe

Personal History

Name:  Karim Darboe

Ward: Bartez Ward

Date of birth:  10th September, 1982

Place of birth: Place of Birth: Bureng, LRR

Nationality: Gambian

Gender: Male

Marital Status: Single

Community Work

I was engaged in youth work by organizing, mobilising and creating awareness so as to ensure youth of my Community are conversant with the tenets of Democracy and the zeal to partake in development activities within Bartez Ward. Through this drive, I became a founder member of the Patriotic Youth Association for Democracy and Development (PYADD).

Goals and Aspirations

  1. To work on improving waste collection and Management in Bartez Ward
  2. Construction of some feeder roads and drainage within Bartez Ward
  3. To improve access to education by increasing and or improving the conditions of schools (Nursery- Tertiary) within Bartez ward.
  4. Improvement of Serrekunda Health Centre by upgrading the infrastructure and drug supplies to meet the needs of the Community.
  5. Improving women livelihood through Micro finance and skill training.
  6. Making water accessible to the people by increasing community Stand Pipes within Bartez Ward
  7. Construction and or refurbishment of the ‘Sandika’ to bring it to acceptable standards
  8. Construction of the Serrekunda Garage and others for smooth transportation of people.
  9. Project on streetlights for Bartez Ward
  10. Awareness creation and empowerment of the Youth so as to mitigate Youth illegal migration and reduction of the crime rate within the Community.